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Emergency happen any time in life, from flood to cardiac arrest, you would suddenly need money to be secured or get best medical treatment, world inflation is all time high in 2011 and one can feel the cost of health care going up, Medical technology is in its best stage ever, most of the illness can be cured or controlled if proper medical attention is given in time, researches are discovered drugs which cure most of the major disease.

Engineering technology has also developed buildings and bridges which are strong to withstand any adverse climate an natural conditions, Medical or Engineering technology has not been so advance yet which can avoid disease or stop any natural disaster, the best way to avoid financial loss is to get insurance for property and medical uncertainties, without coverage an unexpected disability can easily drive you into serious debt.

Oriental Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in India offers insurance for industries to farmers, started in 1947 the company is wholly subsidiary of Indian Central government, thus many people have more faith in Oriental insurance compared to other new private insurance players in India, any company which is backed by the government gains more confidence and respect by people of India, because in the recent past several private insurance companies have vanished leaving the policy holders with no commitment. Oriental Insurance supports its vast customer for Life and General Insurance via a network of its own Agents located in several major cities and town of India, these agents have passed exams and have gone practical training at Insurance Institute of India to cater and advice customers.

Advantage of Insurance Agent is that he not only helps you to select appropriate plan based on your income and needs, but when the need comes he comes handy to help you to settle claim between the Oriental insurance and Customer as he knows the method of documentation and claim qualification rules.


Top Oriental Insurance Policy

  • Bhagyashree Child Welfare Policy
  • Cattle and Livestock Insurance
  • Cycle Rickshaw Insurance Policy
  • Dog and Animal Insurance
  • Insurance for Fishery Industry
  • Gramin Accident Insurance Policy
  • Kissan Agricultural Pump set Insurance
  • Poultry Insurance
  • Plantation and Horticulture Insurance
  • Silkworm Insurance Policy
  • Oriental Royal Mediclaim Policy
  • Motor Policies
  • Health Insurance Insurance Policy
  • Household Insurance Policy
  • Two Wheeler Insurance Policy
  • Nagrik Suraksha Insurance
  • Oversea Mediclaim Business and Vacation Insurance
  • Overseas Work Employment and Study Insurance
  • Pedal Cycle Insurance Policy
  • Personal Accident Insurance Policy
  • Shop and Factory Insurance Policy
  • Universal Health Insurance Policy
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